Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trouble's Brewing!

I started a new freelance graphics gig late last week and this week I realized that I'm within walking distance of a quaint little quilting & fabric store AND a great bead store. I checked both out today, and (alert the media!) walked out spending less than $12 total. But I'll be back!

Great news for this blog.

Not so much for my pocketbook.

Stay tuned, blogosphere, stay tuned.

ps: I may take a short break from the sewing since I'm planning to take my trusty Kenmore to have it tuned up at the shop I found today. It's been a total workhorse, and has survived 6 moves in three states and two floods. Who knew you were supposed to do this yearly?!? I get it done about NEVER once every twenty years, apparently.

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