Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let's get this party started

After spending so much of my time following blogs that I love and getting inspired, I'm jumping in--or at least dipping my toes in--and giving this blogging thing a try. Please bear with me, as it may take me a little time to find my voice and focus. For now, I'm hoping to blog about design, craft, art, parenting, work/life balance and life in general.

So who, or what is a "Native Madridian"? Well, as my siblings and I were growing up, because we were close in age, we had a number of friends who became close to more than one of us at a time. These close friends who began to feel like extended family members came to be known as Madridians. 

It's also rooted in the questions of the geographically challenged people I've come across in my lifetime, who have asked mind-numbing questions, like, "Madrid, huh? Like the country?" or "Are you from Madridia?" Oh, yes. Of course.


  1. Holy crap. Watch out world, Sandra's bloggin'!

    SO glad that you're doing this. I miss sharing creative space and ideas with you. I'll be your biggest fan! :)


  2. My dear, so far, you are my only fan. But that's okay--I hear you're quite the trendsetter!