Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stuffed Animal Clothes, Part 1

So my daughter keeps telling me, "Mommy, (insert stuffed animal name here) needs a new (article of clothing)!"

Since I started staying home, I've tried to keep things fun for A by occasionally making outfits for her stuffed animals. These are never done with actual patterns. In fact, it's totally on the fly, usually raiding my fabric stash. I like to think of it as a very tiny version of Project Runway, because my deadline is the end of my other daughter's naptime.

Here are a few recent ones.

I've found this to be a real treat for me because it allows me to work on my sewing technique using much smaller pieces of fabric like fat quarters and scraps, so there's less of a monetary and time investment. Also, I generally don't get too overly fussy about things like hems, pockets, straight seams or buttonholes and zippers--I use velcro since these items are meant for preschooler-sized fingers.

I've even made some bedding.

The results are quick, and A is soon off to her toybox, taking the new outfit off and trying it on another stuffed animal.

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