Thursday, May 12, 2011

Setting the Ground Rules

As I was discussing this blog with my husband, I wanted to be sure to let him know that I'm setting a few ground rules before I really get knee-deep into this blogger business. Quite simply on my end, I do not plan to use images of my childrens' faces, or use their real names. They aren't blogging and I want to respect their privacy.

Here goes:

1. Please contact me if you want to use any images or text on this site.
2. Feel free to link this blog and any post on this blog and use some (but not all) photos for that purpose.
3. DO NOT use any photos of my children.
4. Do not post my tutorials on your sites.
5. The ideas on this site are free, but if I publish any tutorials, please only use them to make things for yourself or as gifts and not to sell.

(Thank you to LiEr at for these guidelines!)

Thank you for your understanding and for visiting. I hope you like what you see.

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